Hands Nursing Services provides general care to those patients who are suffering from serious illness like patients with disability, hypertensive, comatose, ambulatory patients, pre or post hospital care and diabetic care. In addition, white hands also can provide initial health care assistance with newly moms and their newborn babies either normal baby or pre-mature baby. White hands nursing services operates 24/7 depending on patient’s needs.
Intermittent Care

Whether you are recovering from surgery, illness, or managing chronic disease, white hands can provide specialized nursing care, rehabilitation and support services in your comfort zone which is your home.

Extended Care

Services are delivered to patients on 12-24 hours shift basis, seven (7) days a week, when your physician require the patients continuous medical care and closed medical monitoring.

Health Care Services

Newborn Care and
Mother Care

White Hands Health Care Providers provide care for infant from 0-12 months old, commonly provides care and primary health education to a newly moms. Health care providers ensure the health and safety of newly born babies.

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White Hands health care providers ensures child health care by assisting in the basic needs of children. Provides beneficial learning environment ‘’safe home away from home”.

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Elderly Care

White hands gives best care for the aged. White Hands health care provider is ready to support, care, and help them to be independent in their daily living activities. White Hands assures to give you qualified ...

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WHITE HANDS provides qualified licensed nurses for all kinds of school nursery, secondary and tertiary. We assure that we provide well professional and skilled nurses to maintain student’s healthy lifestyle.

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WHITE HANDS provides qualified and well experienced nurses with QCHP license for any medical institution like Dermatology Clinics, Dental and Establishments. Nurses are well skilled and professionals...

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WHITE HANDS provides a qualified and confident travel nurses as needed or as physician order. Travel nurse is responsible in monitoring health progress for those patients who needs to travel away from home.

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NURSE PRACTITIONER- Our nurse practitioners ensures you that they have a valid medical license provided by medical institution of ministry of Qatar which is Qatar Council Health Practitioner licensed (QCHP).

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