About Us
A Home-care nursing service provider committed to deliver transcultural and excellent nursing care in all stages of life from Pre-birth to Elderly, with competent and responsible health care provider equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills.
With ever- growing demands of home-care nursing services and technological advancement of medicine, we aim to provide dynamic and trained health care providers to ensure safe and quality nursing care management for a variety of medical cases/situation from Clinics, to School, to Hospital and to your Home.
We take pride with the outstanding ability and capability of our health care providers in rendering the best quality nursing care centered on sincerity and integrity because we believe, that the ESSENCE OF NURSING IS CARING.


To be premier provider of holistic quality health care services that continuously exceeds the client’s satisfactions.


To improve quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary services and compassionate care in home and health institutions.

White Hands Cares

Patient Rights
  • Right to receive adequate health care services
  • Right to protect confidentiality, privacy and personal safety
  • Right to be informed of health situation and have freedom of expression
  • Right to give consent or refusal of service.
  • Responsible to cooperate with client treatment
  • Responsible to respect client rights and properties
  • Responsible for the health needs of clients
  • Responsible for using services in judicious manner
  • Responsible to observe respect of culture and traditions of clients.
ISO certificate